When it rains, it pours…

March 28, 2005 § Leave a comment

And I’m not talking about Morton Salt. This entire blog project is about to be ended before it even begins. Why? Because too many people want too much control. Evidently no one in our district can be trusted to do anything right, so everything needs approval and needs to be hosted locally. ALL student work must be hosted on a server within the district. What does this mean? Since blogging would be considered student work, the blog would have to be hosted by the district. With all the other restrictions in place, I can’t see it happening this year. Maybe not even in my lifetime. OK, maybe in my lifetime, but it certainly won’t look like what I wanted it to look like.

You see, it all started as a conversation in our level meeting last week. The web page coordinator for the district was in the room working on something and overheard our conversation on blogs. She piped up saying that the AUP for our district states that all student work must be hosted by the district. In fact, everything that is identified with the district (even district organizations whose sites are linked from district pages) must be hosted by the district. However, since I have no control over any servers, and everything here is locked down so tight, how am I supposed to go about getting blogging software put on a server that kids can use. Even if I could do it, do you honestly think that the distrct would allow those blogs to be out in the open? Heck no…they’d probably keep them under the lock and key of our intranet, which defeats the entire purpose of a blog–to have a worldwide audience.

At least I understand now why I had to remove the link to my Yahoo calendar from my web page.


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