I don’t get it

September 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

Really, I don’t.

How can a teacher walk into a room and start griping about how much they hate computers, what disdain they have for the things, telling you how they just don’t get it, they’re no good at it, gripe gripe gripe, moan moan moan, then in the same breath, turn around to another person and gush about the email they just received from a former student.


It goes back to what Tim Holt said about teachers who just flat out refuse to get involved. They don’t have any problem using their cell phone or using computers to buy stuff from eBay or Amazon.com. They don’t want to learn how to use the tool to communicate with parents. They don’t want a computer to be for work that they don’t want to do, and feigning stupidity has worked in the past, but it’s not going to work anymore.

If they had to learn to drive in order to go to parent’s houses for parent conferences, we’d hear how much they hated driving and how they don’t get how those damnfangled automobiles even work anyway, and they break down too much and gripe gripe gripe moan moan moan.

OK, so our web page system could be a bit more user friendly, and I’m certainly trying to work on that. However, I’m tired – sick and tired, to be quite honest – of people coming in and bitching through the entire training.

You complaining isn’t going to change the fact that computers and technology is here for you to use, and your administrators are going to make you use it. I’m here to help you, so quit telling me how much you don’t want to be there because you’re making me not want to help you and I’m trying my hardest to be friendly and chipper, and giving me attitude isn’t any different than a kid giving you attitude because they don’t want to sit through your class.

Suck it up. Get a grip. Become a user and, God forbid, LEARN something.


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