Changing the face of entertainment

September 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

Last night, as I was helping my wife clean the house, we had Grey’s Anatomy on in the background. My wife and I are avid watchers of the show, and being the music freak that I am, I love the sounds that play in the background of episodes. The people in charge of that always seem to pick such appropriate music for the different moods in the show.

Anyway, as we’re watching, a new Old Navy commercial comes on, and the music that’s playing in the commercial catches my attention. I rewind the commercial (thanks DVR) and play it again. I call my wife out and ask her if it was in an episode of Grey’s. She doesn’t know…she’s not a music freak like I am. If I hear a catchy song, I’ll remember it, even if I’ve only heard it once.

Music is the soundtrack of my life. Songs from long ago will come on and they’ll bring memories back that I haven’t thought about in years. That’s just how my brain works. I think that’s how a lot of people from my generation are. In fact, I just watched one of Kevin’s Driving Questions podcasts the other day about this exact same thing.

So now I’m obsessed with finding out more about this song. I Google a line from the lyrics and find a question about it on the Grey’s Anatomy music site. Find out it’s by an artist named Ingrid Michaelson, who I also Google. I find an interview she did with NPR not too long ago about her success and her music being chosen for episodes of Grey’s. I also find out that she’s an independent artist, not signed to a major label, which means when you buy her music from the iTunes music store, she gets most of the cash.

The people from Grey’s found her through her myspace page, where she posted some of her songs. So, independent artist, who, in the “old world” would have maybe never been heard outside of NYC gets worldwide play on a hit TV show and doesn’t have to give up part of her money to a greedy record company. How cool is that! Those are the kind of people whose music I’ll buy over and over again.

Music is changing, TV as we know it is changing, art is changing all because of Web 2.0. It’s a great sign when people can choose what they like, rather than having companies choose for them. Of course, it means that we’ll have to teach kids how to filter that much more at an early age, but what a wonderful time to be alive. Having so many outlets to choose from, and so many outlets to contribute to. American Idol and Star Search used to be the only way for ordinary people to get a shot, and even those are controlled and produced beyond belief. Now, anyone has a shot at “making it.” They don’t have to have a sob story, or know someone who knows someone or even have a lot of money. They simply need a desire to create. The public will decide.

Entertainment is truly becoming a democracy. Now if we could just get our political system to work like that.

By the way, here’s the commercial that started this whole thing:


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