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September 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

I saw this video a while back, but I revisited it yesterday when looking for something for an intro to our Technologists meeting. It’s about college, but I think it applies really well to K-12 too.

I’m sure that Marco’s students were surprised to find that the rest of the world hadn’t caught up to his way of teaching. I’m betting that they thought college would be an extension of what they learned in high school.

I’m having a problem with the wording of this sentence. When I first wrote it down, I wrote that the problem was that Marco was way ahead of his time. But he’s not. Marco is teaching kids the way they learn. The problem isn’t Marco, the problem is the rest of the educational system, that still wants kids to be little containers that we fill up. We, as educators, talk this talk about teaching kids on their level, then go back into our classrooms and continue to teach the same way we’ve always taught, because it’s easy and it’s what we know.

A few courageous ones will venture out of their cave and try new things, or may stay buried in their caves to try new things depending on the culture of the school they’re in. It’s more difficult to be innovative and different in education than it is to tow the line and teach the same way that everyone else teaches.

If you’re a teacher, look around you. Are there other teachers who have fewer problems with the “problem students” or is that you? Are there teachers whose class kids look forward to going to? Those are the teachers who are reaching kids on their level. Those are the teachers who are truly making a difference.

If you’re an administrator, pay attention. Those are the teachers that are worth hanging onto. Those are the teachers who should be applauded, rewarded, and hung onto.

Students who have those kinds of teachers produce projects like this.

Yes, there are more teachers like that in the world today than there were 5 years ago, but why are colleges still producing teachers who teach the old way?

I’m not saying that every teacher needs to do something completely innovative with technology every day, but when our brand new teachers are teaching the same way the veterans teach, there is a problem.

When will education catch up with now, and when it does, how far ahead of now will the world be?


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