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October 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

As I lay here in bed, waiting for my daughter to wake up from her nap, I’m playing around with two of my favorite tools on the web right now.

Pageflakes and Google Reader.

I have come a little late to the RSS game, and I guess it’s just breaking old habits.  I have all of my favorite sites bookmarked and I kind of like going to each one to see if the owner has updated their banner or if there’s new pictures, or maybe something new in the sidebar that I’d be interested in.  People take a lot of time (sometimes) designing and laying out their site, and I sort of felt like I was cheating if I just pulled the text to read somewhere else…like looking at photos of classic paintings instead of going to the museum to see them in person.

But I get it, having everything in one spot to be able to check at a glance, not having to wait for a page to load to see if there’s something new.  And yet, I still go back to the sites every now and then to see the design.

My dilemma now is which I like better.  Pageflakes is cool because you have all the sites in little windows, with at least part of the text from the RSS feed there, so you can see right away if you want to read it or not.  With Google Reader, it’s all there in your front page, too, but you have to scroll to see them all (if there’s a lot of new stuff).

The major drawback I have with Pageflakes is that when you want to read an entire article from an RSS feed, you have to click on the article to take you to the site.  If the feed is from feedburner, well, you’re SOL because that’s blocked in my district.  With Google Reader, you can click on the feed and the entire article is there (provided the publisher does full stories in their feeds).  I also like the fact that Reader tells you exactly how many unread posts you have, whereas Pageflakes just shows the latest post at the top.  If you don’t remember what you’ve read you have to go clicking away.  And sometimes, Pageflakes will get the order wrong on the posts…or maybe that’s just a messed up RSS feed I’m looking at.

For the time being, I think I’m going to keep my ed tech blogs in Reader, since ya’ll post so much every day, and my personal, guilty pleasure blogs in pageflakes.


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