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It’s funny the random paths that searches will lead you down.

This evening, I indulged myself in a vanity search and found that my research from my master’s degree had been posted to an archive site, of sorts. Seeing as how it’s been about 3 years since I even looked at my research documentation, I went back and read through it all.

To be quite honest, reading it now, it looks kind of thin, but it was the hardest year of my life up to that point.

I found my research journal, which was not in blog format, even though it was 02-03. We all used blogger for a bit but a lot of us dropped it after the one class it was required for because it just seemed like another thing to keep up with. The fact that so many of us in my cadre rejected it is kind of funny now, and it caused the instructor fits. She had suggested it to us, and a bunch of people complained about how much harder it was to update than just going into dreamweaver and typing on our own journal page.

My God, we were geeks.

Now I can’t imagine not using a blogging tool. I sigh deeply every time I have to open dreamweaver now because it takes so darn long to load.

At any rate, as I was reading through my non-blog journal, I came across an entry that struck a chord with me (again – because it really struck a chord when I wrote it, too).

April 8

My frustration with the staff became apparent, I believe, which led to people requesting less help from me in the last few months. I am working very hard to restore the staff’s confidence in me as a technology expert and someone who is willing to help. I have found that having someone that is reliable, friendly, and willing to help is as important, if not more important, than having the know-how and the technology. I have not been very excited about teaching technology to adults over the past 2 months, and the teachers on my staff can see it. They want to learn, but they are afraid to ask me for help. This became very apparent to me when one of my friends on staff told me about another teacher she had been talking to. This teacher is getting ready to retire, and calls me at least 3 times a week to tell me that her printer isn’t working and that she has forgotten how to email me. She called me at home over a weekend to ask how to turn off the laptop she had borrowed because it had frozen. I wasn’t angry with her calling, but I guess I didn’t sound thrilled to hear from her either. She told my friend that I had sounded upset that she had called, and my friend said she sounded as if she might be afraid of me now. I know that she was only kidding me, in part, but it really hit home with me. I’m in a business where I have to be the cheerleader and if I want teachers to really start using the technology, I have to be there cheering them on, making them feel good about what they can do, and helping them with what they cannot do. I am making a concerted effort now to put on my ‘game face’ even if I’m not feeling up to it.

So, yeah.  I guess I need to put on more of a ‘game face’ when I think about writing posts like this one and try to remember that not everyone is in the same place that I am with technology, and that not everyone is going to be nice about it.  But I think what I really need to remember is that the teachers I help with a smile and a good attitude will be the ones who are ambassadors for my department and who will help us spread the use of technology throughout the district.


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