Who designs these things?

November 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Note:  This post doesn’t have anything to do with technology other than the fact that I’ve linked to a document.

We talk all the time about what works best for kids, but it seems like the people creating our state test don’t have a clue about any of it.

Today, I was working on something for one of our teachers which required me to copy some items from the 2006 TAKS 10th grade test.

Go ahead, click on the link.  I’ll wait.

OK, did you look at the first few pages of the test?  Did you notice that after the first reading passage there weren’t any questions?  How about after the second passage?  Nope, no questions there, either.

The students taking the test have to get past the THIRD passage (which isn’t really a reading passage), before they get to the questions for the FIRST passage.

Now I understand that this is a high school test, and that those students should be able to flip back to answer the questions without any problems, but my GOD, could you make things a little more vague, and a little more boring?  I’d stop reading after the first PAGE, and just flip to the questions.

It’s crazy, I tell you, just crazy.



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