Big Brass Ones

December 3, 2007 § 2 Comments

I don’t know Miguel personally, but I’m very familiar with SAISD, since I worked there for 5 years. I’m also very familiar with the dynamic in large, urban school districts, having worked for two over the past 12 years.

I have to say, what Miguel has done, essentially calling out the stagnant folks in his district takes some serious courage.

I ranted on about things at NEISD while I was there, then decided to quiet down a bit because even though I wasn’t entirely happy with my job, I needed to keep my house. Of course, I was in a peon position there, whereas Miguel is a director. I’m still not quite sure if that makes his post more courageous or more stupid (from a keeping-your-job standpoint).

Like I said, I know how things work in his district. I know how political it can be and how members of their school board like to raise a ruckus in the press. But he is lighting a fire…one that has needed to be lit for a long time, and by doing in a public forum, I’m sure it will raise some eyebrows, but it might just get things to change a little more quickly, too.

I hope things work out the way he wants.

Update: Miguel has been revamping his website, and the post I referenced his disappeared. I’m wondering if it got lost in the shuffle or if it was intentional.

Updated update: I found the post in my reader and sent it back to Miguel.  He’s posted it again, and it’s re-lined in the body above. 


§ 2 Responses to Big Brass Ones

  • Lost in the shuffle. If you have a copy, that would be great! sometimes they’re stuck in people’s RSS feeds…in the meantime, I’ll be writing more about fierce conversations and what I hope to accomplish.

    Thanks for the vote of support…

    A turtle with outstretched neck,

  • The articles are back up, thanks to you and your RSS feed. Many thanks! You’ll have to relink the articles but…that’s not too tough (smile).

    Hoping to put the skunk on the table,


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