December 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

After school yesterday, I assisted with a PowerPoint training for elementary teachers. It was amazing.

I think with all the web 2.0 stuff out there, we (and by we I mean techies) forget that there are still an awful lot of teachers out there who are at a very basic level.

And I think that in my office in particular, since three of us are secondary folks, and only one comes from an elementary background (OK, so I have a degree in elementary ed, but I’ve never taught below 5th grade, and really? Fifth grade is the stepchild of elementary education anyway) we tend to gear a lot of our trainings toward the upper elementary/secondary level.

The teachers were eating up the training last night and begging for more. It was great to see, and especially to see all of the things that are still very valid uses of PowerPoint.

I think that we forget that as well. We’re on to bigger and better things. PowerPoint (to us) is so 20th century…like rotary phones. The thing is, rotary phones still work, and so does PowerPoint.  So do a lot of the web 1.0 technologies, and even non-web technologies.  We’re all about interaction, but teachers who aren’t there yet still need a buy in.  Learning to use some bit, ANY bit of technology in their classroom will start that buy in process.  While we need to provide training for the more advanced folks, we can’t leave behind the people who are willing but afraid, either.

So that led to a discussion about gearing more of our trainings to lower elementary, which we really need to do.

Now we just need to figure out how to get our secondary trainings to be better attended.


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