Yes, yes, I’m still here…

September 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

I took an extended break from edu-blogging because I haven’t had much to say on the current state of affairs, and because we’ve been really busy with beginning of the year stuff.

I have just a quick question for all of you out there in edu-blogger land: does your IT department fight you tooth and nail on getting anything changed?

We had a bunch of new software we knew we were going to need installed over the summer, and rather than take our suggestion of touching all the machines over the summer (with our help, of course), they decided to run everything through scripts.  Put a bandaide on it.  And guess what?  The scripts don’t work the way they’re supposed to and we’re having to (imagine this) TOUCH EVERY MACHINE.

I’m a little frustrated.  It’s causing our curriculum things to not go smoothly because the software we need isn’t installed, or isn’t installed properly, and when the teacher get upset, guess who they get upset with?  The people they see all the time – the people in my department.  Even though we have very little to do with software not working/not being installed.

In a perfect world, when I’m director, the two sides of the technology house would meet at least every other week to get a progress report from each other, offer suggestions, set priorities, etc.  Because what is a priority to the techie side of the house isn’t necessarily a priority on a campus.  Teachers are flexible, but only so far, then they break.

Changing course here…has anyone noticed that neither presidential candidate seems to be talking that much about education?  It worries me a little.


§ One Response to Yes, yes, I’m still here…

  • dkzody says:

    We have a new IT director and he is much better about getting things done, doing new things, etc. He does meet with the school site technicians, and I email him on a regular basis so he is hearing from both sides.

    As for education on the national political front…I think we are in trouble. The economy is taking over all conversations, but it’s the economy that is going to cause lots of trouble in education.

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