Superintendents and web 2.0

September 17, 2008 § 1 Comment

The Superintendent for my district has been putting out a weekly newsletter forever.  Last year, she saw a couple of district that were using ipods and podcasts, and I casually mentioned to her that if she wanted, we could set up her newsletter as a podcast or blog.

Two weeks ago, she told my director to have me come help her set up a podcast, and last week, without any fanfare, we recorded and posted her podcast to her internal memo folder.  While it’s not available to the general public, it is available to every employee, which is well over 1000 people.

I did all of the editing and post production last week, and this week, she did about half of the editing with me looking over her shoulder.  Her goal is to do the whole thing on her own next week.

It’s so encouraging to have a Superintendent who can see the big picture, and understand that technology is such an integral part of the way kids live.  It’s encouraging that her entire focus is not test scores, but how we can bring the students along as people, as contributers to society.  It’s even bigger that she wants to learn these things on her own instead of relying on staff to do them for her, and just making it look like she’s tech savvy.

She really is.

And I’m really proud of her.

All of this just drives home that I made the right decision coming here, and the right decision staying here.


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