November 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just a quick note: this is not technology related.

In my office, the woman who sits directly across from me has two children that attend school in our district.  We were talking about the election the other day and she was telling me how her daughter’s teachers (6th grade) had been very vocal about who they were voting for in the election.

What kind of classroom environment does that make?

In this election, I can imagine it would make going to school very uncomfortable for some students.

When I was in the classroom, I always sought to make election discussions as non-partisan as possible, and let my students hash it out with each other, on much more civil terms than many of the people online and TV.  I tried to teach them that it was OK to have differing opinions, that it was part of what made this country such a great place to live.  That we could disagree with our leaders and not fear any type of retribution.

I even sent out web sites last week to all of our teachers that they could use in their classrooms that were non-partisan and presented facts about the candidates, since facts seemed to be so hard to come by in this election.

My colleague’s youngest son even got the idea that if a certain candidate was elected, said candidate would take away recess from all students.  Now I’m not sure if that came from another student or the teacher, but if it came from the teacher, what a shame.

We’re supposed to be teaching our students to think, not making them good little followers.


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