Paper is dead

November 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Amen, Will.  Amen.

We have taken a very small step in this direction in my district.  Last year, I decided I had had enough printing, hole-punching, and putting into binders.  Every year we would do this, hundreds of times over to put together our booklets for our new hires.  And every couple of weeks throughout the year, we’d scramble to print off another copy, hole punch it and get it into a binder before an impromptu new hire training for one or two people who were hired late.

I decided we were going to put everything on CD.  It made so much more sense.  It was less to carry, a lot less paper, it could be created in seconds, instead of 30 minutes like our booklets, and if we needed to change anything, it was a matter of changing the text, and re-PDFing the document.  No more having stacks of paper that we couldn’t use because they didn’t contain the latest change.

I’m hoping to get our district break even more of its paper addiction in the coming year.


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