Ending before it begins

December 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

I decided last week that I’d give twitter another shot.  I keep reading about it, and keep seeing people using it, so I figured that maybe I wasn’t fair to it before, and I’d try it again.

I started following ed tech folks, figuring that I’d learn a little more, and maybe get to know them a little better.

It took me two days to find the spot in twitter where I would receive updates on my phone, and that was the main feature I wanted.  I figured, microblogging…it’s got to be a great thing for the phone.

But here’s the thing.  It’s not great for the phone.  Maybe the iPhone, or a Blackberry, but I have a regular old phone, with one of those stripped down web browsers, so even when people I was following posted links, it didn’t do me any good to click on them because I ended up with garbage.

Tweeting from my phone is fine, but how often do I do that?  If I’m not sitting in front of a computer, following is rough.  And let me tell you, some of the 9 people I’m following are posting some really uninteresting stuff.

Here’s another thing…one of the people I’m following posted 5 updates within 2 minutes.  How is that microblogging?  Why didn’t that person just put together an actual blog post?

It was entirely too much buzzing of my phone, so two days after finding the phone notification feature, I turned it off.

Now, maybe after a few more days, I’ll figure out how to get the RSS feed to work (it requires a password, so it doesn’t load properly in Google Reader or the Firefox toolbar), but for now, I’m overly frustrated with a tool that is supposed to be the “it” thing right now.

Or maybe I’ll just let it fall off the RADAR again.


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