Worst OS in the world?

January 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

This post by Tim gave me an idea.  I’m going to run an experiment.

My father won a “major prize” and just received it a few days ago.  A brand spaking new laptop, and none too soon, either.  His old HP laptop is 5 years old and on its last legs.  No USB 2.0 ports,  and slow as molasses in January.

Problem:  It came pre-loaded with Windows Vista.  Which I despise.

Now, my mom is perfectly happy using old, slow HP, and really only uses it for web apps.  I thought I’d try something out and load it up with Ubuntu to see if we can’t get it running a bit faster.  My Dad will be using the new laptop (which I also loaded with Office 07….this ought to be fun).

So the experiment is this.  For everyday laptop use, surfing, spreadsheets, etc., what is more likely to make someone over 55 pull their hair out – Windows Vista and Office 07, or Ubuntu Linux?

I’ll update you in a couple of weeks as to their comments and frustrations/successes with the laptops.


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§ One Response to Worst OS in the world?

  • Tim says:

    To really make a good experiment, have your Dad INSTALL all three first.
    THAT would be the real experiment. Install Office, then Open Office, then Photoshop then GIMP, then…

    Take him to the Apple Store and get a Mac…

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