Quick, someone talk me out of this…

January 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m about to make a decision on a new computer.

I got some gift cards for Christmas (and hopefully a few more for my birthday next week) and I’ve been trying to decide what to get with them.

I’d really like a new iPod, since my 5 1/2 year old, 10 gig (not even photo capable) only works with my car interface – the center button doesn’t work anymore, so it’s useless for anything outside of the car.

Problem: my 5 year old Powerbook only has OS 10.3, and the new iPods require at least 10.4.

Sure, I could buy Leopard, and a new battery (since mine only goes about 45 minutes before it dies), but why spend $300 to keep a 5 year old computer running, when I could buy a brand new netbook for $350?  Or better yet, a brand new full sized PC laptop for about $500 (and have the same amount or more hard drive space, RAM, processing power,  etc. as a Mac).

I love my mac, but I’m having a really hard time justifying spending $1000 on a new one.  With the new features in Vista (which I still don’t like, but it’s growing on me), I can use Windows Photo Gallery instead of iPhoto, Movie Maker has some pretty good improvements, and combined with Photo Story it’s almost as good as iMovie, which I haven’t really used recently, anyway.

And iTunes…well, that’s the big kicker.  If I was using a Windows machine in the first place, none of this would be an issue.  You see, in order to use a new iPod, it really isn’t the OS that’s the problem.  It’s iTunes.  You need iTunes 8, but iTunes 8 won’t run on OS 10.3.  It will, however, run on XP AND Vista.  Now, I understand why Apple would make it run on XP, but it seems like they’ve abandoned their own users by making 10.3 obsolete.  I shouldn’t have to buy a brand new operating system (granted, at much less of a cost than a new PC OS) when PC users with 5 year old machines don’t have to.

So that’s my dilemma.  I’m on the verge of switching back to PC just because it costs too darn much money to own a mac.

Or am I just talking crazy?  Someone, please…set me on the right path.


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