TCEA 2009 – ITS a moodle world

February 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

11 am posting from iPod touch
Session is pretty full..looks like online coursework might be the big thing this year.

A person in front of me has an Asus Eee. Wow that screen is tiny. Glad I didn’t get one.

Presenter came on a few minutes befpre they started – This is not a how to session, it is about the hardships and stumbling blocks leading up to implementation.

Jim Remington – carrolton farmers branch isd

Virtual campus for credit recovery, hybrid courses, online courses

Why Moodle?
Open source=free

Giving the history of Moodle

Easy to manage
Functional and flexible

Started small – 1-2 courses

Any digital content can be put into Moodle.

Directive came from CTO – outsourced maintenance, help desk support, they put in modules, etc. Cost is about $2 per student.

Still using per built courses (licensed) until courses can be written in house.

Utilizing passthrough logins to licensed content

For not being a how to session, there a lot of how to questions.

question about credit earned course – for students who are not in a brick and mortar classroom. Health course is in development, used it for summer school course.



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