WordPress for iPod touch/iPhone – buggy, but gets the job done.

February 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

All of the sessions I blogged from TCEA over the past couple of days were done using my new iPod touch (thanks family and friends for the gift cards). I decided to try go to the conference sans laptop on Wednesday, with the backup plan being that I would bring it Thursday if I needed to.

The first session I went to, I used the notes application to take notes. By the second session, I thought it might be a better idea to blog the sessions, so I went to the app store on my ipod and searched for a wordpress app. Found it (free) installed it, configured it for my blog and was blogging within 5 minutes.

I learned quickly that I needed to save frequently, although in the very last session I went to, the “save” button didn’t show up even though I had made changes to the post.

I had a couple of times where I was notified that I had a recovered post, even though I had clearly saved it before I went to another application.

There were also several times when I went to click on a locally saved draft and the application kicked me out to the main screen.

Beyond those bugs, the application worked pretty well. I learned to type pretty fast on the iPod touch keyboard, and the auto correct, while frustrating at times (changing lcd to lee) worked pretty well.

I hope that you all were able to follow my rambling notes, and really, that’s all they were.  I just wanted someplace to keep my notes where they might help others.


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