Delivering rich multimedia wirelessly to everyone on your network

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Keller ISD
Using eclicker host via mobile phone. Compatible across platforms. Enter ip address and it comes up via web browser

Did she say this app was $10?!

“we’re agnostic in our district” meaning they are not platform specific.

24/7 access is important
High school students would rather use full sized laptop or smartphone as opposed to netbook

Vested lesson plans

After this bond runs out, they are at $0 for tech. They need to embrace devices that students are bringing.

New campus – projectors are not mounted. Teachers asked them not to because it would limit how they teach. Projectors are mounted on an articulating arm and is mobile.

Threat detection with students bringing their own devices – Motorola has air defense which allows them to detect any threats. It is an ongoing process.

Did a whole policy around appropriate behaviors and not around what you can’t do. They looked at Littleton Colorado as an example of how to do this

Density of wifi to handle 1-to-1. Access points in EVERY classroom. 100gig bandwidth (it’s still not enough)

Guest network, staff network, student network

Currently using a wep passkey for each network, but are going to an 802.x authentication.

For kids who don’t have access at home, they can check out a verizon mifi card that is tunneled back to their network so it is filtered.

Not so much about what the title suggested but some great info.


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