Literacy beyond the classroom: social networking

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Amanda Ellis – 3rd gr teacher McKinney ISD – all resources from today’s presentation

Weebly is like a wikispace, mainly for getting info out.

Social networking – interactions, q & a, point/counterpoint, pln

Prezi – alternate to PowerPoint.

Blabberize – makes a talking picture, can record the sound via phone, mic, or prerecorded content

Glogster – digital posters

Voki – talking avatars – if students don’t type in what they want the voki to say correctly, it won’t play correctly. Makes students focus on typing.

Pbworks allows comments to be added directly to the page. Can set up student accounts and completely lock down the page so that everyone has to log in to view. Admin can delete comments.

Sounds like you might be able to do this with Moodle also.

Polleverywhere – online poll using text messaging.

Voicethread –

Edmodo – similar to facebook, but within a walled garden. Has a phone app available. – very kid friendly. Looks like wordpress.

Mixedink – students can collaborate on writing taking sentences and phrases and remix, but it gives the original writer credit.

Scrapblog – similar to glogster, embeddable.

Session covered lots of tools for getting students to engage socially outside of the classroom. A different view from traditional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.



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