TEA Update: new options with digital content in Texas #TCEA11

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

John Lopez – TEA

Quick note: John spoke at a workshop I was attending last year and there were very few details about digital content, just that it was coming.

Electronic textbooks – established commish list
Revisions need to be made to rules (like the fine for errors)
State will pay for books on commish list
Districts can choose from SBOE or commish list
Textbook funds CAN be used to purchase tech equipment.

TEA web site, instructional materials and technology – commissioners list.

Commish has established a list of equipment we can order to access content.

Approved vendors
One more that I didn’t get.

ARise (LEP) – available via project share.

Open source textbooks -hb2488
Only one vendor took state up on this and state dis not pursue it because the vendor didn’t meet the requirements

Open source texts would be free of charge.
SBOE can adopt an open source textbook at the secondary level.

Open source textbooks must be written by University faculty.

If adopted the state becomes the property of the state. State can add/delete content but will not prevent the vendor of the content from using/selling the content elsewhere. The intent is for districts to be able to modify as well so control will be local.

Tim Holt: isn’t the nature of open source that it is free? Why is state proposing to pay for this?
John: someone at the state level will need to gather the material and commissioner has ability to recover part of that cost via fees to districts.

What to watch for
New legislation
District decisions with instructional materials – we need to be involved in the decision making process along with classroom teachers – order a classroom set of electronic texts and pilot it
Impact in the classroom
mobile devices – we need to look more into that environment.


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