Web 2.0: balancing the protection of students for 21st century technology and learning

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Birdville ISD

Dr. Stephen Waddell – Superintendent (moving to Lewisville ISD) room is full of Lewisville folks
Kelli Montgomery – coordinator of instructional tech

Go to any conference and watch the number of people with laptops cell phones etc. As a presenter, should you assume that they are off task and not engaged? Why would you assume that about your students?

2 years ago House and Senate Ed committees listened to presentation by Daniel Pink.
Pink is the author of A Whole New Mind: Why right brainers will rule the future

We need to be producing the idea people, the creators, designers, etc that will come up with the things the rest of the world will produce because the rest of the world can produce items cheaper than we can.

Lots of examples of old tech being replaced by new. Adding machines, tractors in the 40’s vs. today, etc.

Lots of example, but not getting to the point (the title of the presentation)

We have got to develop minds and skills that cannot be outsourced.

We’re 35 minutes in and he still hasn’t gotten to the point.

Is it possible that we are going to go back to a time when people are hired for jobs not based on the degree they hold, but on the knowledge they hold and the work they can prove the can do.

We are not the experts anymore

Skills needed: critical thinking, creativity, communication,

Clayton Christensen: disrupting Class

Calculateforfree.com – free calculator. Some students prefer this to the TIs

Birdville unblocked YouTube 4 years ago. No controversy on this.

New belief: trusting relationships. How can we tell you that we trust you and then turn around and tell you that you can’t use these tools

We cannot mandate engagement.

Overall good session, but I wish he’d talked more about policies and procedures.



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