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February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Angela Smyers, Jerram Froese – Irving ISD
Twitter hashtag #pd247


Biggest hope for when we work with teachers is for them to reflect on their practice and for the pd to have a long lasting impact on them

3 F’s. Framework, focus, flexibility.

Framework “lights the way” so that things make sense as they go through the process. Must be engaging, clear, consistent.

What will I learn
What will I read/study
What will I watch
What will I discuss
What do I do
What do I know (assessment)

Consistency with look/feel of courses online is important.

Produce some of your own content
Use internal products.
Interactive and collaborative tools
Build in options for product choice

We forget not everyone knows the same things or are at the same place. Example of how many people don’t know what web 2.0 is. We assume that everyone knows these things, but they don’t.

How do you engage teachers in online pd
Give them options, don’t just give them one thing to do. Start discussions.

Everything must align so the focus of the pd makes sense.

Fear factor with online pd is lessened because it is asynchronous. You can edit your thoughts and gather supporting evidence before you “speak”

Flexibility – teachers need differentiation too.

Q and a: does your online pd replace days of training. They allow some flex credit.



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