In a pickle

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

You ever have one of those catch-22’s that you didn’t know how to solve?

I’m in one.

We are needing data now to back up everything we do in our district (imagine that!) and unfortunately, the data I’m gathering about the Gmail pilot does not jive with what I know is true.

The reason it doesn’t match up is because Gmail isn’t set up ideally, and I know the parts that are being marked down on my survey are because we are routing our email through our current server, then back out to Gmail, and we don’t have all of the accounts for the district provisioned, meaning contacts are an issue.

There are some legitimate concerns, and there are some things that are just training issues. We’ve been using Open Text’s FirstClass for almost 10 years in this district, and the fact that they have been focusing more on their “social workplace” piece than on developing for mobile platforms (other than Mac) show that they don’t know what their customer needs.

I KNOW that Gmail is a superior product, and I know that once the routing and contacts are fixed, that the survey results will change. But how do you justify changing those things when the initial data doesn’t point in that direction?

Luckily, the people in my department responsible for making the decision to continue or not understand my position. I just hope that those higher up the chain see it the same way.


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