Google Earth Math and Science Lessons

December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Someone posted a link in G+ this morning to a Google Earth blog post about using GE for math lessons. I had created some Google Earth activities for math teachers a few years back, as well as a file of placemarks demonstrating scientific principles that can been seen in Google Earth so I’ve decided to re-post those in the interest of sharing.

Google Earth Lit Trips is also a fantastic resource for using Google Earth in literature classes. After I downloaded the lit trip for the Grapes of Wrath, I had to figure out how they did it. It’s actually really easy. Any placemark you put in Google Earth is fully editable, so you can put whatever text and HTML code you want in the body of the placemark. This allows you to customize what each placemark says when a student clicks on it. In my math examples, I’ve put in directions that I want students to follow, but you can also embed photos and video with just a little bit of HTML code.

Google Earth is provided for free by Google.


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