Tried out Saba Meeting today, thanks to @techyturner @len_horn #edtech

May 9, 2013 § 2 Comments

I got to try out an online meeting tool today, thanks to Rodney Turner and Len Horn over in the Phoenix area.

Rodney has posted a link on G+ to come help him try out this tool. I jumped in because I was sitting at my desk bored on this testing day. For the next hour or so, Rodney, Len and I had a great discussion about educational technology and the things we were doing to help teachers integrate.

We all had our camera and mics on, so it was easy to converse. During the entire time, my connection never dropped, although Len had some issues with his browsers freezing up. He was using IE at one point, and I think Firefox at another (feel free to correct me on this!).

Rodney and I were both using Chrome, and it worked like a charm. We worked through how to get our cameras and mics going, found that ctrl+v would allow us to paste to the whiteboard, but simultaneously muted our mics.

We discussed the pros and cons of this particular tool vesus things like Adobe Connect, The Big Blue Button, and G+ Hangouts.

We were able to share our screens with each other, type in the chat box, and face to face chat. Saba does have the ability to record your meeting, but not on the free demo we were using.

Rodney and Len’s school district is considering using a tool like this to allow students at multiple campuses to be in “class” with a teacher at another campus. This sounds like a very innovative solution for districts with staffing problems. If you can only hire 1 IB Math teacher for your district, but you have 50 students across 4 campuses that want to take IB Math, using an online meeting tool like Saba would be a great solution.

While it isn’t free, the pricing options aren’t out of reach for education. Of course, there are free or inexpensive options out there, but you ultimately have to balance the amount of time and manpower it would take to set up and maintain one of those systems with the cost of something that you don’t have to do as much management in.

Overall, it was a great tool, and I got to meet some new people. Looking forward to meeting them in person in a few weeks at ISTE and showing them around San Antonio.


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