Trying to settle in

September 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, in case you missed it (and it’s entirely possible that you did, because I didn’t blog about it here), I have a new job.

I have finally achieved my goal.

I am now the Technology Director in La Vernia ISD. Yay me!

I’ve spent the better part of the past month trying to get my bearings. The previous director retired at the end of June, which was well before I was brought on board, or even had the job. In the interim, the woman who is the Instructional Technology Coordinator filled is as the director. She’s been in the district for a long time, so she knows a lot, but has only been in the department since January.

Needless to say, I’ve been asking a lot of questions over the past month.

It’s taken some adjustment, but I think I’m finally starting to settle in. There are an awful lot of things that the Tech Director of a 3A school district does that larger districts have specific people (or entire departments) to do.

One of my most unique challenges to date is learning about virtual machines. The majority of the district runs thin clients, and they’ve invested a lot of time and money into them, so it’s on me to work with our vendors to ensure we’re getting the most out of them.

Which brings me to my second unique challenge: vendors basically serving as my network admins. I really need to figure out how this is supposed to work, because supposedly, in the past, these folks were stellar. In the month that I’ve been there, I’ve been frustrated by the lack of communication and timely response to emails. I know we’re all going through a transition, but if I was a vendor, I wouldn’t be resting on my laurels when the new guy came in, I’d be busting my hump to make sure everything was taken care of so that the new guy didn’t start asking “what are we paying these people for?”

I’ve been a bit quiet in the past about my feelings about work, and have focused on mainly ed tech type stuff, but I think being in charge is going to allow me to be a bit more free with my expression, at least with those companies that want so desperately to earn a portion of my budget.

The biggest part of settling in, though, is going to be learning to trust and delegate. I’m still trying to learn the what knowledge and skills the folks in my department have, and until I know who can do what, I’m falling back to my old role of the help desk guy who is just trying to fix everything for everyone. I’m finding that I can’t do that effectively and still do the administrative portion of my job. I can’t be the social media guy, and the ipad fixer, laptop fixer, network fixer, server updater, erate getter, and all of the other little things that I need to do. I have to learn to delegate better. I have to learn to trust my department. I have to learn to give up control because now it all falls on me, but I can’t do it all.


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