Instruction and Technology

Included in this section are examples of student work from when I was a computer teacher, examples of teacher created materials for their students or as examples for their students, and student work outside of the computer lab.

These samples were all created in the early 2000s, so they may not look impressive by today’s standards.

Student Work – computer lab

  • Flash movies–over the course of 9 weeks, I taught 8th graders the basics of flash animation through a teach-then-do via independent projects. The students learned how to build shapes, animated objects, buttons, etc. using flash and had to demonstrate their understanding by creating movies using the techniques we had learned: UFOSpursCD-RW Commercial
  • My Family PowerPoint–to introduce students to PowerPoint, I had them do a presentation about something they knew a lot about already.
  • White-Whiskered Spider Monkey PowerPoint–this was a basic research project done by sixth grade students.
  • Olympic Project–This research project centered around the Olympics. Students had to pick a country, a sport, and an athlete from their country who participated in that sport and create a web site.

Teacher Work

  • Saving files–the ever-important steps for student to save their files to their home directory. This is the first thing students were taught to do in my class.
  • Formatting Worksheet–This worksheet was used by me to teach student the basics of text formatting using Microsoft Word.
  • Favorite Soup Graph–this was created by a first grade teacher to demonstrate to her students how to do make a graph using the computer.
  • Twelve-step writing process–this was created by a third grade teacher to present the steps of the writing process to her students.

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