Staff Development

I have been doing technology staff development for over 10 years. Teaching adults offers a different set of challenges and rewards than teaching students, and while I miss teaching students, I know that impacting the educational practices of one teacher can have an impact on hundreds of students.

The following are some documentation examples of professional development I’ve done and continue to do.

  • Tech Talk Notes – I started doing tech talks when I was the technology coordinator in the Chicago area. This was a quick way to get information to the teachers about new things that were happening in technology.
  • Microsoft Word Basics – Training materials for using Word 2001 on a Mac.
  • New Staff Orientation – The basics for new staff on getting access to their computer, saving, printing, and accessing their email.
  • Social Media Outline – an outline for a class I’ve been doing for a couple of years for teachers on how to use social media effectively, and also keep their personal information as safe as possible with the ever-changing privacy controls.
  • My Facebook Instructional Technology Page – as part of the social media class (outline above), I explain how to create a page that students and parents can “like” which can be kept separate from your personal facebook, so as not to mix friends and family with work and students. This page is my “teacher” persona.
  • SCUCISD Knowledge Base – This folder in Google Docs contains our most commonly asked questions. It started as a place for me to keep documentation at my fingertips that I could send out to teachers when they asked, and it has now also become a place for our technicians to find answers quickly and add solutions to common hardware/software issues that they face. The advantage of having this documentation in Google Docs is that it is easily accessible from a variety of devices, and when we update the documents, everyone has the most current version, even teachers who we may have sent a link to months prior.
  • SCUCISD New Hire Documentation – This information has taken on several different incarnations since I started at SCUCISD in 2006. All of this documentation used to be printed and placed into 3″ binders. We then moved to an all-electronic format on a CD, which was given to all new hires. This past year, we moved all of our documentation on to the web and into Google Docs for the same reasons as we did with the knowledge base. Please note that I did not create all of this documentation, but I have played an integral part it it’s revision and how it is presented to new employees. All new employees to the district go through a full day of technology training, which I present part of.
  • Google Earth Math and Science lesson starters – The two KMZ files linked here are just some examples of what you can find in Google Earth. The Math KMZ also contains activities that you can use with your students, or use as a starting point for creating your own. They are fully editable…just right click the placemarks and choose “properties,” and you’ll be on your way to editing and creating your own Google Earth activities.

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